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March 27, 2020 

Hello Friends of SLFS,

LOVE is the main thing holding Salt Lake Film Society together today. I think it always has been, but especially now, when our facilities stand weirdly closed and our bills are not on hold, LOVE is the thing.

LOVE has made our staff do extraordinary things since March 13. With heavy hearts we closed the Broadway and Tower (for now). Yesterday, we released to you the brand-new, a website for you to click and buy a great SLFS-curated film to watch online, in support of SLFS. We brought this all to life in just shy of two weeks, after being devoutly brick-and-mortar ever since our inception about 17 years ago. These films, new, independent releases, will be available to you in your home, which is great if you LOVE to watch films in your pj’s, perhaps with a dog or cat on your lap.

Further, we’ve done all this during a pandemic and an earthquake that has brought more than 500 aftershocks. In fact, LOVE made twelve of us, each in our own homes, attend a “Zoom” online conference call yesterday where pictures of individual call participants were stacked on the screen like the Brady Bunch while we all excitedly talked and planned. During the call, in nine minutes there were three aftershocks: 3.3, 2.0, and 3.0. During the entire call, a total of 62 aftershocks. LOVE made us all stay at our socially-distant desks, on our couches, at our kitchen counters, and wherever else we were and keep our focus on the organization where we LOVE to (tele-)work.

You LOVE us enough to be reading this, and we LOVE you for that. What you can do now is remember you LOVE us when you get the urge to watch a movie. You can donate directly to us on days you otherwise would have gone to Broadway or Tower or you can log on to and view one of our curated titles. These virtual ticket purchases will not only support us but will also support independent films and artists.

Thank you so much for sticking with us through this bizarre time, and for your support and yes, your LOVE.

We LOVE you so much.


Stay safe and be well,
Barb Guy
director of PR & marketing

You can click here for more pointers and detailed steps in the online viewing process at


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